Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer – Quality Over Quantity

When Photographing A Wedding: Quality Over Quantity

 Wedding is a special occasion in everyone’s lives and someone who is interested to help young couples lock these memorable moments in frame should learn the basics of wedding photography. Whether someone is interested to be a professional wedding photographer or just wants to practice it as a passion, he should get the basics right. When it comes to the basics of wedding photography, deciding on whether delivering quality or quantity of photographs is important.

Quality vs. Quantity of Wedding Photography

This is one of the age old controversies related to wedding photography. When you are covering a wedding occasion, you will certainly like to snap every moment and at the end may take hundreds of photographs. As your aim will remain on clicking the maximum number of photos, you may not be able to select the best angle and make the perfect composition. However, if you focus on quality, you may not be able to take hundreds of snaps. Yet, all the photographs will be worthy and that is what is actually required. Though many professional photographers consider the number of photographs to be important than quality, photographers who truly values the occasion believes in maintaining quantity without compromising quality.

Tips to Maintain Quality and Quantity of Wedding Photographs

Wedding photographs are something that helps in cherishing the special moments years after marriage. So, the job should always be done professionally. To maintain quality and quantity of wedding photographs, you can take note of some simple tips.

Camera and Equipments- This is indeed one of the most important factors to be noted, when you are going to cover a marriage. You should know how many photographers will be working there and what type of camera they will be using. If you are a professional, you should select the camera that you will be carrying for the occasion and also the other equipments that you need for the photo shoot. You should also make the right choice of lenses to create the best effect from any photograph.

Whom To Cover- When it is a marriage party, there is no doubt about the fact that the newly married couple will be the center of attraction. However, the photographs of the day will include their relatives and friends too. Out of which, some of them are really special. Arrange a meeting before the day and make a list of people, whom you need to cover on the day. If multiple photographers are working in the occasion, you may make a plan and divide your areas of work. This will help in avoiding any kind of confusion on the day and the quantity as well as the quality of the photographs will be maintained easily.

Be familiar with the Location- Wedding parties can be arranged in halls, gardens and even in beaches. Ask for the venue of the party and check the location a day or two before so that you can find the right spots for shooting some special photographs of the couple.

If you do your homework well, you can easily get the quality as well as quantity in any wedding photography assignment. 

The photos below were from  Tina and Ryan’s wedding taken at the 18th hole of a golf course just north of Toronto! Although it was scorching hot that day, it was still a very nice wedding!  These photos were commisioned for GCL Photography 


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